Easy Reading: Compare CSS Rendering, Can I use it, LWS CSS3

Comparrison Layout of Engines (CSS) – This Wikipedia article compares the different functions from CSS versions and which rendering engines support (rather than looking at the browser).

Wikipedia Compatibility Table CSS
Wikipedia Compatibility Table CSS

Can I use – This is a great tool for you to check the support for the HTML5 and CSS3 elements you are looking to use. Start here and build up a list of what you would like to use, and see where you’re going to need you graceful degradation.

Can I Use Compatability Search
Can I Use Compatability Search

CSS Live Blog from London – This comes from our fellow Web Standards Organisation from London where they had three excellent speakers discussing CSS3.

They usually film each of the sessions so once that is put up online we’ll post that for you to see.

  • Dissection of New Twitter — Makayla Lewis @maccymacx
  • Transitions, Transforms, Animations — Inayaili de León (@yaili)
  • The CSS3 of Tomorrow — Peter Gasston

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