2012 New Frontiers

The first meet up of 2012 was in my opinion one of the better meetups we have had.

There was not the usual presentation about Web Standards but instead a conversation around the important things we in the industry need to consider over the next 12 months, and how each of us were looking to tackle the challenges ahead.

It was great to see the regular faces of Bianca, Prue, and Kishan, and just as good to see a few fresh faces of Neil, Hedley, Jon, Steve, Jami and Alex.

Great group, different people with a wide range of backgrounds and careers but with a passion for the web in common.

^ Thanks Hedley!

The Topics

Without a presentation on the cards we talked about a LOT of different things. Let’s see if I can organise them into a few headings.

Smart phone / Tablet Apps

There was a lot of talk about the different kinds of apps that are available and how locally there isn’t much of a demand to get these apps developed for the local community. There’s a strong feeling that it’s better to spend the money on developing a better website to cater for all customers than spend the additional money to develop an app. The words Responsive Design were mentioned often.

Some of the helpful areas we identified included

HTML to app – Things like

QR Codes

Kishan talked us through a conference that he recently presented. At the beginning of his talk he handed out a tonne of QR codes that he creatd via http://www.paperlinks.com. If people were curious and scanned it they then had his entire presentation in the palm of their hand that they could then follow, and he was able to track exactly when and where each of the codes were scanned.

Awesome stuff Kishan!

While talking on this subject Steve Pegg also had a great idea for a print style sheet. If you include a QR code on the print style sheet then someone would be able to scan it and go straight back the the originating webiste. VERY clever stuff Peggy!

Tafe University Courses

Neil is a lecturer and the Charles Darwin University. I bumped into him during the 2011 Web Directions conference in Sydney and told him about our monthly meetups which has turned out to be a perfect way to find out what the industry is looking for in students coming out of Tafe courses.

We talked a lot about how you can fit a full understanding of the basics of web sites into a 40-50 hour course with 40-50 hours home work…… and came up with the conclusion that it’s simple not enough time.

There’s more to talk about before anything will change, but everyone agreed that it was more important for students to arrive to the workplace with basic skills but a more fundamental knowledge and understanding of how a website works.

What’s on in 2012

That’s the million dollar question. What are we doing in 2012….

There was some similarity about what people were interested in. These are probably going to be the topics over the next few meetups….

  • Responsive Design
  • CSS3 and practical application of the features in todays world
  • Social Media – breaking down the hype into business benefits
  • Usability of websites and testing techniques
  • Learn to build a site from scratch – getting away from the off the shelf templates
  • Location location location – using geo tagging and near field communication to improve websites and online experiences
  • HTML5 and the practical application of the features in todays world
  • Case studies for business benefits, not technology focus

Thanks again for everyone that came along and made the first meetup awesome.  Hope to see you back again next month!

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  1. Great write up. Feels like show notes on a podcast. Great for looking up something that was discussed after the fact.

    PS. Have you thought about adding disqus comments to this blog?

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